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Career Services

Career Services Department

The Career Services department is the liaison between students and employers, serving the students by promoting Pittsburgh Career Institute (PCI) to prospective employers.

The Career Services Department will work with you starting from orientation and throughout your academic journey.

The graduate employment assistance process intensifies as students near graduation. Students may have an opportunity to interview both on and off campus, until they have secured an appropriate position. This partnership between the graduate and Career Services department has the most potential for successful employment when the graduate maintains weekly contact with their Career Services Advisor.

The PCI Career Services Department can help you:

  • Job Search
  • Assist with part time employment while attending school
  • Interview Preparation
  • Identifying proper interview attire
  • Resume Writing
  • Professional Networking

Special on Campus Events and Work Shops:

  • Career Fairs
  • Onsite Interviewing with Pittsburgh’s top employers.
  • Mock Interviews with Professional HR Representative
  • Job Search Strategies Workshops

Pittsburgh Career Institute (PCI) does not guarantee employment or salaries. However, Pittsburgh Career Institute (PCI) does offer career-planning assistance to students and graduates.


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