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Code of Conduct

PCI’s Code of Conduct

Pittsburgh Career Institute strives to create a conducive learning atmosphere while teaching you to maneuver through your chosen profession with confidence. PCI believes that nothing should interfere with your ability to focus on your education and success. We understand that there may be many roadblocks that could impede your progress and would like to ensure that external forces within our walls are not among these.

When you become part of the PCI family you, and those around you, are held to a Code of Conduct that encourages respect for others and an appreciation of differences. PCI believes that education stretches far beyond the classroom and does not cease when you graduate!



Register to Vote

The Pittsburgh Career Institute encourages its staff, faculty, and students to exercise the rights provided to them by the Constitution by voting to elect the leaders of this great country.

In Pennsylvania, the deadline to register to vote is 30 days prior to each election. ¬†Make sure you’re registered in time for the next election. ¬†Confirm your registration.