Meet The Staff: Marco Rigazio, Massage Therapist Program Director

Mar 09 2018

Pittsburgh Career Institute (PCI) is nothing without our outstanding directors and educators! This month we spoke with Marco Rigazio, the director of our Massage Therapist program. His dedication and passion are inspiring, and he does everything he can to pass that on to his students!

About Marco

Marco Rigazio is a well-traveled man who has lived and worked all over the United States as a personal trainer and licensed Massage Therapist. He has been a personal trainer for many years, and even owned his own gym at one point! For Marco, massage therapy was a way he felt he could expand the services he offered to his clients. He enjoyed working in both massage therapy and personal training because it was two different ways to help people live happier and healthier lives, and both fields are connected in many ways.

Transitioning to the classroom from being a personal trainer and massage therapist was a natural process for Marco! When he worked with clients as a Massage Therapist or personal trainer, he always taught his clients about exercise, nutrition, and physiology to help empower them. Now he teaches many of the same things in a classroom setting! Instead of empowering clients to become their healthiest selves, Marco challenges and prepares PCI students to be outstanding massage therapists!

Marco’s Role at PCI

As the director of the Massage Therapist program at PCI, Marco’s job is manage and teach the program. More than simply teaching and providing administration for the program, he also seeks to create and maintain a positive culture. He doesn’t just want PCI students to be able to pass the licensing exam, he wants our students to be competent and successful Massage Therapists. Exposing students to different real-world applications and methods before they even graduate can help them to be successful when they begin their careers. Broader exploration of topics and concepts can help students to feel confident as professionals. Marco is dedicated to building this culture of practical education and will do whatever it takes to help students become successful massage therapists!

Marco is a an excellent fit for teaching massage therapy because he personalizes what he teaches to each student and focuses on individual comprehension. He often tells his students:

”Massage therapy is going to be a challenging program. There’s a lot to go over, but you can absolutely get this. I’m going to challenge you, but I’ll never trick you. Ever. I will never trick a student. That’s not learning to me. The idea is to get students to learn and comprehend and have it as part of who they are. In part it’s opening a connection to them, a person-to-person connection, so I feel I become very invested in my students so they can succeed.”

This sort of passion for individual understanding and success is what makes Marco an outstanding educator!

The PCI Family

When asked about what he loved about teaching at PCI, Marco responded that the PCI family is extremely welcoming and friendly. As a newer staff member, everyone at PCI has been very helpful in helping him become comfortable at the school. This culture of team spirit is just a part of what it means to be a part of the PCI family!

Learn More About Massage Therapy

Are you ready to pursue a future as a Massage Therapist? Pittsburgh Career Institute is committed to helping you be your best self! For more information about our programs and how to get started, visit our Massage Therapist program page and fill out the form to learn more!

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