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Oct 09 2018

The future can sometimes be uncertain, but Pittsburgh Career Institute is here and it’s here to stay. Recently, we heard news of another local technical college closing, so we wanted to reiterate that we’re not going anywhere! We are still enrolling in all of our current programs, and we want to highlight some of the things we do to keep the doors open. This school hasn’t stayed open since 1980 through luck or happenstance, we strive for excellence for our students!

The Need For Medical Professionals

The school that most recently closed in downtown Pittsburgh stated that they closed because of low demand for their programs. Interest in different programs definitely changes frequently, but there are always opportunities for our students, regardless of the program they choose. Whether you choose to pursue dental assisting, veterinary technology, or anything in between, you can build a career for yourself, and PCI wants to help you make it happen!

A Focus on The Individual

Some of the program directors at PCI, especially Mrs. Sherri Steele and Mrs. Charlotte Kwiatkowski, have talked about how important it is to help each student succeed individually. Every student has different strengths, weaknesses, goals, dreams, and capabilities that our instructors strive to accommodate for. For example, we want our graduates to start their careers in places where they can feel comfortable and successful, so we try to help them with opportunities suited for their personalities and goals. Quieter, more introverted surgical technology graduates, for example, may not flourish in a high-intensity trauma ward, but they may love working in a private practice or office where things are calmer. We strive to help students find the perfect fit.

Going Above And Beyond

At Pittsburgh Career Institute, we don’t bring ordinary staff and instructors into the family, we always want the best we can get! Mrs. Sherri Steele is a great example of a staff member of who goes above and beyond for her students. She is the director for our medical assistant diploma program. Working with needles is a common part of the job, and some students feel anxious about getting their needlework skills done properly. One student was so nervous that she was invited to Mrs. Steele’s office to practice on her own arm! With her help, the student was able to build confidence that she wouldn’t have been able to get just in a classroom. Going above and beyond is just a part of how we teach!

The PCI Family

At Pittsburgh Career Institute, we place the education of our students above everything else. Part of elevating the education to a higher standard means that we strive to build a support network for our students. We build a culture of family and support that is designed to help everyone at the school succeed and pursue their goals, from students to staff. Success isn’t only measured by course completion or salaries, but in the people we help and lift up along the way. This attitude is a huge part of what sets PCI apart from any other school.

Join Pittsburgh Career Institute

If you have an interest in working in a technical medical career, we offer many programs that can help you get where you want to be. Our diploma programs are designed to cut through unnecessary programs to allow you to complete your education and start working more quickly. Contact us to learn more about how you can get started today!

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