Why Should I Become a Massage Therapist?

Mar 14 2018

If you’re considering a career in massage therapy, you probably have many questions! Massage therapy is an exciting, active career that can be fulfilling for many people. If you’re considering becoming a Massage Therapist, it’s important for you to look at why it might be the perfect fit for you!

Learn Career-Ready Skills

When you train to become a Massage Therapist, your training helps you develop skills that you can use every day in your new career. This is different from a four year degree where you have to spend lots of time and money learning information that isn’t relevant to your career. Massage therapy cuts out all of the non-essential education, and provides you the opportunity to train in a hands-on environment so you can feel confident and ready to begin working as soon as you graduate!

Work in an Environment You Love

Massage therapists have a wide range of work environments in which they can choose to work. Spas are a great place to work if you prefer a more relaxing environment, while doctor’s offices are well-suited to people who like to work in a more professional or medical setting. You could even make house calls and travel as a massage therapist! You can choose where you like to work to match your style.

Choose Your Schedule

Taking control of your schedule is one of the most popular benefits of a career in massage therapy. Just like how you can choose where you work, you can often choose when you work too. If you have other obligations that keep you occupied during typical business hours, you could use your mornings or evenings to provide massages at medical spas, resorts, or even in your clients’ homes. Massage therapy often allows you the freedom you need to work when and where you like!

Help Other People

One of the most appealing draws to being a Massage Therapist is the ability to make a living from helping other people. Clients come to their Massage Therapists with aches and pains that can sometimes be massaged away. Some clients are even able to recover from injury or soreness more quickly with the help of their Massage Therapist’s trained hands. You can make your daily routine about helping people feel better!

Be Physically Active

Massage Therapists have the opportunity to be active each and every day at work. Giving massages can be hard work, and the Massage Therapist is healthier for it. This can be a job that helps you get into better physical shape. If being trapped at a desk or cubicle doesn’t sound like a fulfilling way to work, massage therapy could be the right career for you!

Begin Your Journey Today

Are you seriously considering a future as a Massage Therapist? Pittsburgh Career Institute is here to help support you in your dream! Contact us to find out more about our Massage Therapist program and how you can get your start with us! If you’d like to get to know the director of our Massage Therapist program, check out our new blog where we interviewed Marco Rigazio!

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